We are a team of chefs preparing home cooked southern style meals inspired by my Granny, Lornett pronouced "Lawn Net". It combines deep south soul food with creole flavors while paying homage to our past matriarchs and patriarchs. Then we put a modern twist on it to create soul satisfying dishes that will entice you to come back for more.

"While all soul food is southern food, not all southern food is from the soul.

We proudly support and partner with local vendors ranging from farmers, small businesses, and non profit organizations  Please tell your family and friends about Lornett’s Southern Kitchen.

Thank you and Be blessed!

Richard is the son of a Mother that loves to cook and create new recipes in the kitchen and in life. He is also the grandson of a devoted Granny that loved to show her love for all her Grandchildren in the kitchen. His Granny had a part in raising him to appreciate life filled with a balance of love, life, and great food. He was introduced to spicy and rich Creole and southern cuisine by his Granny who was from Arcadia located in Bienville Parrish, Louisiana. His Granny has been the fire to his inspiration, because he traveled to see her as a child and adult to spend time with her and learn all the many lesson she had to show.

Because of her he had aspired to become a Chef, he obtained an Associates in Culinary Arts from Johnson & Wales University in North Miami and later obtained his Bachelors in Hospitality Management. Upon graduating college, he harnessed his skill set in managing chain and independent restaurants ranging from quick service to fine dining as well as elite casinos to five-star hotels. With nearly three decades of experience ranging from Back of the House Operations, Food and Beverage Sales and as a General Manager, never dulled his passion to create new recipes along with recipes taught to him by his Granny and other elders that can nourish the body and the soul with flavors of love. For years he has slowly introduced his dishes to many within his community and had been inspired to introduce his skill and passion to everyone. As the year reset he knew this was the time to introduce his Granny Lornett to the world.

His desires in his own words, “I am to become more, because she would have wanted us as a family to be a positive influence for my family and neighborhood. I work to continue my rich heritage through my introduction of Lornett’s Southern Kitchen that was started to honor my Granny. My goal is to be a blessing to my family and community in the name of my Granny, while also furthering her legacy.”

On behalf of Lornett's Southern Kitchen; We would like to personally thank you for your support especially through these trying times. We look forward to creating traditional soul food dishes as well as enhancing our dishes with a modern twist to satisfy your appetites